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It's got music,drama and comedy, but it's neither a musical nor a drama nor a comedy. Think of it instead as a collection of Jewish stories, with musical interludes, all played by a shifting array of master musicians.

"...I enjoyed listening to your group on my recent visit to Columbus. You are truly a fine artist and I will try to let the word out that I have heard your music and what I think of it." 
                               -Theodore Bikel
                               (Two-Time Tony Award Winner,  Tevye of "Fiddler
                               on  the Roof", Folk singer, Jewish spokesman, Actor)

"My heartfelt thank you! You were terrific!" 
-Jay Fishman (Conductor, Minnesota Sinfonia) 
                                -Joyce Fishman (Violinist, Columbus Symphony)


Arkadiy Gips

Tatyana Yassenov

This year we are celebrating 350 years of American Jewry. Since the first 23 Jews arrived in New Amsterdam in 1654, many new immigrants came to this country with a desire to be free, to make their lives and their children's lives better and to preserve their religious views and beliefs. America has been enriched by the ethnic, racial and cultural diversity of its populace.
In 2002, Arkadiy Gips and Tatyana Yassenov collaborated on a musical production, "Candles of Life." This event recounted the hauntingly difficult, often tragic real-life stories of Jewish Holocaust survivors.
"To America With Hope" differs from earlier work in its optimism and universality. It's focus is to honor and remember the hopeful spirit of the Jews who immigrated to America over the last 350 years and to celebrate the universal themes of the immigrant experience. Although "To America With Hope" focuses on Jewish immigration, it also applies to other races and religions.



"""NEW KLEZMORIM""" "Song"



"""AMAZING STRINGS""" "Abi Gizint"

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